What  is an Electric car?

An electric car is a Vehicle designed for safe journeys powered fully or partly by electricity

Whats types of Electric car are there?
100%  Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
A 100% or fully electric vehicle is solely powered by electricity which is stored in the battery. Recharging the battery can be done by plugging in to a charge point and by regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is when the car uses coasting or braking to regenerate power back into the battery.
Example: Nissan leaf
Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.(PHEV)
There are two types
This is where the drive wheels are only driven by electric motor but the power generated to power the battery is from plugging into a charge point, regenerative braking and a small Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The ICE can be petrol/diesel powered. The computer in the car decides when the ICE should kick in. Some manufactures have given these cars the ability to drive solely on battery for a short distance. This will be helpful when some cities will become emission free zones.
Example : Vauxhall Ampera
This is where the drive wheels are been powered by both battery from an electric motor plus power from an ICE. The car can be run on fully electric for small periods.
Example: Toyota Prius PHEV


Where can I Plug in my Electric car?
At Home
Most people plug in the Ev at home and charge overnight. You can fit an electric charge point at home or just charge from a Standard 3 pin plug if you have the right cable, but this is slower. This cost goes onto your electric bill. Charging time from home depends on your car and type of charger.

Public Chargers
These are located in key spots from shopping centers to train stations to hotels. Public charging currently is free in Ireland. Most units need a RFID card from the ESB to activate the charge. To qualify for one you must send proof of owning a electric car and proof of address to Ecars@esb.ie.
Public charging points come in mainly two different types, Slow charge point (SCP) or fast charge Point (FCP).
SCPs charge from 3 kw to 22 kw,this will depend on your car type and charger type. Most of these point will need you to have your own cable.
FCPs charge a standard car Renault Zoe,Nissan Leaf from 0-80% in about 25/30 minutes. These points will have a tethered cable to charge your car.There are different FCPs,Some are a Triple Standard.these will have 3 different cables. Chademo unit only has a single cable, can be worked with Nissan leaf.


Where can can i find a Map of the Charge Points?

[ilink url=”http://www.esb.ie/electric-cars/electric-car-charging/electric-car-charge-point-map.jsp”]Irelands Charging Points Map[/ilink]

[ilink url=”http://www.ecarni.com/charge-point-map”]Northern Ireland charge points[/ilink]

[ilink url=”https://www.zap-map.com/live/#y=53.216/x=-6.667/z=9″]UK Charging Stations[/ilink]


How much does a Charge Cost?

Public charging is Currently free. Home charging will depend on your KWH tariff. Can cost from 1.30E to 4.00E for a full Charge.

How far will a Charge get me?

This mainly depends on the size of your cars battery. The standard Electric car Leaf/Zoe will do 120-160 Klms on a full charge. The use of heating and any other extra drain on power will reduce range. The Tesla Model S has about 4 times the capacity of a standard electric car,reaching around 500klms on a charge. Extreme heat and extreme cold can affect battery performance.

Are Electric cars expensive?

New electric cars can be more expensive than the petrol/diesel equivalent. The Government gives grants to new EVs. New cars registered in Ireland may qualify for  a home Free Charge Point.

If I buy a EV second hand where can I buy a Home Charge point?

Home charge points and cables are available at our online store. We do not fit them but we can arrange a qualified electrician to fit it at an extra charge.

Does an electric car need servicing?

Yes, it still has parts that need maintaining for smooth running. Pollen filter, tyres rotated,wipers,wiper washer fluid and software updates are commonly done.

What is Leaf Spy and OBD?

Leaf Spy is an APP for the Nissan leaf. It lets you see technical information on the car battery and charging. There is a free version but also has two upgradeable options. OBD means ON BOARD DIAGNOSTICS. It a plug that is located mostly in the cab of a car. It allows access to the cars computer.

What happens if a EV goes flat when driving?

You will need to get the car towed by a recovery service to a charge point. Different electric cars have different warnings when battery is low. Some will go into a limp mode before finally stopping. Most insurance policy’s have a recovery service included.